What is SSL Certificate and How it works ?

<p>Secured Socket Layer : SSL certificate SSL certificate technology ensures that sent / received data is only between user and server. Its 128 bit encryption layer reduces chances of decrypting or breaching connection. What is risk in http? Whenever user visits a website, it uses a protocol called http:// i.e. Hyper text transfer protocol. It […]</p>

Social media to boost website traffic

<p>In last post, We discussed how website optimization can be done, Now we will discuss tasks to be performed after website launch to attract more traffic via social media. Paid advertising, promotion is a good strategy to boost your brand. But It gives great results only when you have good base network in social media. […]</p>

Crankit.in page optimization : A case study

<p>Crankit Consulting a team of three automobile enthusiasts started crankit.in. A weekly magazine that publishes content focusing on automobile industry. Website publishes automobile news as well as technical knowledge with terminology & references. Previously we had delivered crankit its brand identity, website design, iconography. It was a collaborative project with vikcon consulting. This time they […]</p>

Post launch tasks to improve website performance

<p>Website project is now live, your web developer or agency have done their job great and your fantastic idea, website is now open for world. Most of the time clients take rest here or stop looking at their website. Please don’t stop here. Here is list of tasks to improve website performance. Your website is […]</p>