Brand Identity Design

A business is faceless without brand identity. We design unique brand identity that makes your business stand different.

Brand identity design process


We analyze business kind, market trends, competitors of client. Study their business process, products and scope. Feelings of people about their products. We try to understand audience they are targeting, life span of their service and similar aspects. All data that is required for a good identity design and development.


On basis of discussions, we create few doodles, concepts and share best of them with our client. Try to help them to understand each concept. On client’s feedback we iterate our designs & re present it to client. This process keeps filtering and modifying our concepts visuals till we get best clicking identity.


We create color variations with schemes, We work on their margins, padding, positions or shapes. While creating digital version of logo we start with grey tone, as it gives better idea of form on white and also helps to create single color form of logo. After it we create multiple flat and full colored logos for finalization.


Creating identity is not just logo, shape or color. We create its experience by deciding typographic, color, pattern schemes. We create a manual for logo usage in stationary, branding materials, websites along with identity design to help client keep consistency in design.

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