get SSL certificate in pune

What is SSL Certificate and How it works ?

Secured Socket Layer : SSL certificate

SSL certificate technology ensures that sent / received data is only between user and server. Its 128 bit encryption layer reduces chances of decrypting or breaching connection.

What is risk in http?

Whenever user visits a website, it uses a protocol called http:// i.e. Hyper text transfer protocol. It stores and sends data in plain text format. Due to this it has several loop holes, it can be hacked or malfunctioned by hackers.

Why SSL certificate is important?
  • It ensures data privacy between server and user. Encryption reduces chances of data sniffing by hackers.
  •  It builds trust between website and customer. Certifying authority providing SSL gives visitor assurance of website owner.
  • To make website owners aware of security. Earlier it was mandatory only for websites that offer net banking, social media, government sites and websites that store sensitive information from user. As technology is becoming cheaper and easy to use, many websites are using and storing such sensitive data on their websites. Hence websites are being more prone to hackers data is unsafe.
  • Adding SSL boosts SEO rankings. Search engines are making SSL certificate mandatory to rank top in their results.
When to consider and how to implement ?

If your website is just a static, informational website then it is not mandatory for you, but if you take SEO and Search engine ranking seriously then it becomes important for you. If you store any sort of user data then it becomes must to apply for SSL Certificate.

SSL Authorities

You can search SSL certificate providers and you will get many links you need to choose it very wisely. There are mainly two types of certificates, 1. single url and 2. wildcard url. As name suggests single url covers only exact registered urls. on other hand wildcard url SSL gives authority to use subdomains and subfolders in url. Wild card url is generally used for ecommerce sites where you get various addresses for various functions.

Why Comodo SSL?

Comodo SSL comes with positive, single and wildcard version of certificates. It also comes in affordable price with comodo seal and 30 day moneyback guarantee.  For rates and more info click here