social media for website performance

Social media to boost website traffic

In last post, We discussed how website optimization can be done, Now we will discuss tasks to be performed after website launch to attract more traffic via social media.

Paid advertising, promotion is a good strategy to boost your brand. But It gives great results only when you have good base network in social media. Good amount of content on your website. Regularly updated website always plays great role in attracting traffic and gathers organic traffic.

Create social media pages

Task : Create social media pages

Mostly people join social media for fun, communication & entertainment. Its good to socialize and getting known to new people. People like to know more about you, your hobbies & profession. Then why not make them aware? Take benefit of various social media networks that suit your profession. Choosing right social media for promotion is essential.

For example, Food industry, artworks, interior decors, landscaping fields perform well in visual social medias like instagram, pinterest or facebook. On other side, Writers, bloggers, technical, news, communications, service industry flourish well on text based medias like, blogger, facebook, twitter, linked in. Personal expressions, singing, acting, film production, education experts can take benefit of video, audio plat form like youtube, soundcloud, vine, instagram etc which support mix media.

Social media – A content stream that takes your visitor to your website and generates leads.

So go viral and promote your brand or be yourself a brand !

write on social media about your experiences and knowledge

Write your experiences, share knowledge.

Task : Write new content on your social media stream, make it interesting with story telling.

Let people know, How you are doing! Post your experiences, share your thoughts so that people can believe in you. This trust builds a bridge that converts your  visitors into your clients.  They also become comfortable to communicate with you. Writing blog can be learned with these steps to begin with —

  • Fix a date to start off, It should be ranging between 15 to 45 days. Take this time to prepare, write and stack up content.
  • Find out your interests, key points of profession. List out them.
  • Make your thoughts positive, and list random thoughts on paper. Your first few posts, write ups will be scraped, so make your mind.
  • Find out images, videos that inspire you, use them in proper way.
  • Keep your publish date in your mind and start writing on specific intervals. These intervals give you space to rethink and improve your subject & content.
  • Edit your posts, read them like 100 times before they go live.
  • Learn using categories, keywords, hashtags to channelize your content in social media
  • Promote your posts on social media with out hesitation.

Still if you really find difficult to post often about you. There are professional blog writers who write posts for you and your services.

Offer some free things

Task : Make an offer, let people think yourself as resourceful person

Who doesn’t like freebies? For promotion of particular website, service or product, make an offer. You can give free consultation, book, newsletter or any thing that is yours. This is a way promote your website via social media, email to let other people know about your free thing.

social network via social media

Create network

Task :  Create communications with competitors, users of your website.

Choose your of similar businesses, join communities and share your links, thoughts and yes website. Everytime you share your website your business friends, rivals see your updates and your hit count rises. This ultimately results in google ranking. Consider every click, visit to your website important. Write to your clients about your plans, experiences. Ask permission to subscribe your newsletters to be in touch. Most important try reply your commenters and visitors positively and promptly. This really helps you to develop a community.

Keep publishing and sharing constantly, don’t stop !
Happy publishing!