Post launch tasks to improve website performance

Website project is now live, your web developer or agency have done their job great and your fantastic idea, website is now open for world. Most of the time clients take rest here or stop looking at their website. Please don’t stop here. Here is list of tasks to improve website performance.

Your website is just born in this world, nurture it, it will not attract traffic, visitors automatically. You need to do some tasks that will help to do so. Let’s take overview of it.

Website code optimization

improve website performance by optimizing your code

Your website is in competition with thousands of websites that already exist. Your visitors may divert to other screens while loading your website on low speed connection, Overall good load time for a website is 2 seconds. You have only 2 seconds to convey your message to your visitor. Your website may have various animations, effects, functionalities, even applications that can help your visitor still you have only 2 seconds to impress.

Task :  ask your web agency to run page speed audit and take actions according to instructions.

At v-render, We take these kind of optimization seriously. We use various tools like google page speed, pingdom tests, yslow to analyze your pages. It guides us reduce load time without loosing functionality. In production stage of website we use tools to produce minified javascripts, css & optimized images. By doing this we boost your page loading time in halfway.

Add up cache plugin

boost website delivery with cache

When ever a visitor visits your website, every time server delivers original version of your website. Which increases load on your server. This leads to slowing down your website. What if server delivers cache of website than original? and helps to improve speed of website?

Task : Leverage browser cache, deliver compressed version of website

By setting up cache of your website saves up good amount of time. On WordPress platform, installing plugin like W3total cache will help you to create cache version of your website and minimize code at same time.  Enabling cache to your website is also possible via editing .htaccessCloudflare is another popular solution that helps to speed up website and it also protects your website from attacks like DDOS.

Learn to use images correct way

images with alt tags improve website performance

A single image can convey meaning of 1000 words, everyone likes to share their work, photos, images. Its very creative and optimized content form. It needs to be optimized so that it can deliver your message on time.

Task : Learn to optimize your images, online or offline. making most use of it by adding alt tags .

To optimize your online images there are services like optimizilla, . You can optimize your images by uploading there and downloading them. On platforms like WordPress, TinyPNG shortpixel optimizer or Imsanity plugins can be used to optimize, resize images after upload. After fare limit. online optimization may cost you around 20 USD to 30 USD per year. You can save them by preparing images before you upload them.

Using alternate text to images help visually impaired people to understand content better. Alt tags play great role in SEO as they provide essential keywords to search engines. Seo friendly images help in both way to perform your site better.

In next post I will be explaining using social media to boost website traffic.

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